About Us

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This is us with our little lady, Autumn. The three of us have a good deal of fun together. (photo by our lovely friend – and former bride!- Kerry at Irish Eyes Photography)

We are: Expert dress bustlers and Jay Walkers, bride-calmer-downers, word-maker-uppers. We’re photographers. Husband and wife crime fighters and wedding cake connoisseurs.

We are Heather & Jesse Ciras (pronounced like “Cyrus.” like Miley. no relation.) Our goal is to capture how you felt leading up to and on your wedding day. We call weddings “date night” because we’re doing what we love, on the best day of your lives, with amazing food. What could be better?

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do take the awesome responsibility you’ve given us very seriously. We’ll rock your photos, make you look good, while you have a good time.

We aim to get beautiful photos of you and your friends and family on your wedding day. Yes, we’ll take photos of the cake and the shoes and all that, but we really aim to capture the love that you’re surrounded by… in 50 years, you will want to see how your bridesmaids made you laugh and relax as you got ready instead of what the flowers looked like.

And while we do that, we all have a lot of fun! We love to laugh, and we love to make you laugh (and take a picture while you’re doing it!)