You want something different – not just for your wedding and marriage, but for life in general. You want art, want to be art. Your relationship is beautiful, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It still stuns you how lucky you are.

You wouldn’t call it “head over heels” because your heels are placed firmly on the ground. But you are totally smitten, love-struck, you can’t wait to be married, for better or worse. You know that weddings are over-the-top, but you still want yours to kick ass: A tender commitment followed by a huge rockin’ party. You want to laugh and smile your way through the day, and then kick off your heels and dance all night.

You want photos that show the honesty of your relationship, how you have secret little quirks and are a modern romantic. You want photos that show you the happiest you’ve ever been. You want photos that celebrate not only the bond with your new spouse, but also with the friends and family that love and support you. Real photos. Photos that show your life art, because it is.

We – Jesse and Heather Ciras, the husband and wife team of Ciras Photography – have been together for 12 years, married for 5 of those years, and photographing together even longer than we’ve been together.

We love to make up new lyrics to songs, have random dance parties, say “that’s what she said” after everything, and tease each other nonstop, but we also know how incredibly blessed we are to have each other. We say “i love you” about 500 times a day, have embarrassingly cute nicknames for each other, surprise each other with chocolate treats too often, and literally have a conversation a week that starts with “our life is so amazing because…” We love to share in other people’s joy, and that’s why we became wedding photographers (oh, and because we love wedding cake).