Wedding FAQs

We get a lot of questions. A LOT. And that’s totally normal, as you haven’t been through the process of selecting a wedding photographer before, and you want to make sure you have all your bases covered. This doesn’t answer everything, though, so shoot us an email ( and set up a time to come by the studio!


What is your style?

Since we are two people, we actually have a combination of styles. We think this gives you the best of both worlds- posed photos and candids together. Jesse really enjoys (and does a kick-ass job at) portraits. You know those big sweeping environmental photos where a bride and groom are completely lost in their love for each other? That is because of Jesse’s awesome attention to portraits. Heather is more photojournalistic. With a master’s in journalism (from Columbia, no less) this makes sense. She gets those funny photos of your guests laughing together, of a stolen look during the ceremony, your mom holding your hand as she tells you she loves you. We think portraits (including the formals with your family and wedding party) are important to creating a record of the day, but so are candids of everyone having a great time!

So you do family portraits, right?

Of course! Your parents and grandparents are going to put those suckers on their mantles until the end of time! Seriously, though, we really feel it’s important to have a group photo with your parents and siblings, grandparents, and wedding party. We do not, however, think that this should take 2 hours, be painful and boring, and suck the wind out of the good time you were having. icon smile Wedding FAQs

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See, doesn't this look like fun?

Tell us some fancy photography stuff…

We shoot Canon (5d mkiis and 5ds), shoot in RAW (for the greatest control over the image), use Canon 580 EX flashes and a combination of prime and zoom lenses (50 1.8, 85 1.8, 24-105 L, 70-200 IS L, and a fisheye). We shoot in manual (again for that most control of the image) and like a combination of light, airy, natural light photos and edgy off-camera flash. We back everything up with a combination of external hard drives and an off-site, online service.

How long have you been in business?

We’ve been shooting weddings since 2005! Wow- time flies when you’re having fun! We shot our first wedding a week before our own wedding (please don’t do that, it was madness) and haven’t looked back.

How did you two meet? What was your wedding like?

We go way back. Jesse tried to pick Heather up at a church retreat in 8th grade. (How very suave.) They met again on a school bus in 9th grade when Heather decided to make Jesse (new to the school and very shy) her friend. They’ve been together almost 15 years, married for almost 7. It’s been really fun to be together for so long, and they are truly best friends. Our wedding was beautiful, happy, and a long time ago. It’s funny how all the details tend to fade away, but we’re not left with this overwhelming sense of happiness about the day now. I wish I could do it all over again because I have so many ideas left.

How is it that you have the cutest baby in the world?

Good question! We ask ourselves that all the time.

Who are some of your favorite vendors?

Wedding Planners

Marrero Weddings and Events

Reception Venues

The Langham Hotel – Boston, MA

Jones River Trading – Kingston, MA

The Commons – Topsfield, MA

Zukas Farm – Spencer, MA (this is where we got married way back in ’05)

Artists For Humanity Epicenter – Boston, MA


Harrington Florist- Princeton, MA

Karla Cassidy Designs – Salem, MA


Patrick Lally – Braintree



When should I book you?

ASAP! How long people book in advance of their wedding varies from couple to couple, but popular dates (10-10-10 or 9-10-11) always go really fast, as do Saturdays in the fall. We can’t reserve your date until we have a contract and a deposit in hand. Most of our clients book 6-12 months in advance.

How much do you cost?

We price everything a la carte so that you can customize a “package” for yourself. You can read more about it here:

Do you offer discounts?

Each collection is discounted on its own. We don’t offer straight up discounts on collections because it’s not fair to our clients who pay full price. We do, however, have a slightly discounted winter rate for weddings between December and March. Please inquire for information on that.

Where are you located?

We live in Marshfield, MA, but are always traveling. Many of our weddings are within 20 miles of Boston. That being said, we travel often for weddings and have shot in far flung places like Hawaii, Jamaica, upstate New York, Key Wesy (and soon Mexico!) . We don’t charge for travel within Massachusetts, unless you need us to stay all night. In that case, we’d need a hotel room. We charge a minimal travel rate for weddings outside of New England.

New York078w1 Wedding FAQs

This couple got married in Jamaica and had their reception in New York. We got to be there for all of it!

Do you scope out the reception place if you’ve never shot there before?


Do you come to the rehearsal?

Sure, though it is an additional fee. Rehearsal coverage is nice if you have a large wedding party or family; it gives us the chance to get to know everyone before the madness of the wedding begins.

Should we do an engagement session?

This is my number one recommendation for all our wedding clients. An engagement session makes you more comfortable in front of the camera on the wedding day, and lets you get to know our personalities and shooting styles. It helps us too because we learn if you’re an “eye closer” or a “sloucher” and which photos of yourselves you love in the end. I think the weddings we’ve shot where the couple has done an engagement shoot first have more comfortable and natural looking photos. icon smile Wedding FAQs Plus, it’s just really nice to have photos of yourself from your engagement! It goes by so quickly, and it’s such an important time in your life.

Pam.Luke35w Wedding FAQs

An engagement session

Are Jesse and Heather the main photographers? Will they be at my wedding?

Yes. You won’t get some chump you’ve never met show up to your wedding.

What if you die? Who will photograph my wedding?

If we die, we will definitely not photograph your wedding. However, if we only lose a limb, we’ll be there. (And if we can’t be there – which has never happened before – we’re a member of several professional organizations where we can find someone just as good as us to photograph your wedding. If you’re not comfortable with this, we will refund you all your money.)


How early do you usually show up to a wedding?

Most clients hire us an hour to an hour and a half before the ceremony or first look. The moments before the wedding actually begins are just as sentimental and beautiful.

Sandy.Craig204bww Wedding FAQs

Peeking out to the ceremony

Do you recommend we see each other before the ceremony?

We do, but we don’t begrudge you for waiting either. We didn’t see each other before our ceremony (we didn’t even know it was an option!) and wish we had so that we were less nervous and had a chance to do formal portraits beforehand. Oh, and I hear our cocktail hour was awesome, but we weren’t able to go to it.

Joyce.Andrew025w Wedding FAQs

Seeing each other before the ceremony is still special with a first look!

Do you bring back up cameras?

Heck- we bring back ups of back ups. We’re a little neurotic when it comes to this stuff. We have back up cameras, lighting, memory cards, tripods, and more batteries than you’ve probably ever seen in one place.

Do we need to give you a meal at the wedding?

Only if you don’t want us to die of starvation.:) It’s also best to feed us when you’re fed. We don’t take pictures of you eating (never flattering) and once you’re done, you’re off mingling and we want to be there to capture that.

Do you ever stay past the time you’re contracted for?

We do- we have an overtime rate and we’ll let you know at the wedding when we’re planning to depart and you can choose to have us stay if you’d like.


How many edited photos do we get on our DVD?

You get ‘em all (just minus the duplicates and photos with people’s eyes closed that we delete). We average about 60-70 photos PER HOUR!

How long does it take to see our photos?

We usually put a facebook teaser up the next day, and the entire collection of photos is guaranteed to be complete within 5 weeks.

Do my guests get to see the photos?

Yes- we put all your photos in a password-protected online gallery for you and your friends and family. If you have done an engagement session, we also provide you with mini cards with your photos on one side and the gallery information on the other.

How long is the online gallery available?

Three months.

How does the album design process work?

We want to make sure you are a part of the process, but we know how hard it is to select the photos since you love them all. So, we design what we think is the most perfect, beautiful album you could have from your wedding day, and then you go through deciding what you’d like to keep, what photos you’d like to swap, and what kind of cover you’d like. It makes the process quite efficient.

D4C4817w Wedding FAQs

Here's the inside of an album. So gorgeous you need to see it in person too!

Can we order enlargements/parent albums/canvas prints?

Absolutely! Almost all our clients order a large framed print or a canvas print for themselves and their parents. This is all done easily through the online gallery.If you’d like a parent album, let us know and we’ll design it in a similar way as your album.