May Mini Family Shoots!

MarshfieldFamilyPhoto May Mini Family Shoots!

We’re planning a beach day!


Why? For quick family shoots that you’ve been meaning to get taken, but haven’t found the time… or those family photos you’ve been wanting to take, but haven’t because the weather’s been crummy.


Where? Rexhame Beach in Marshfield

What are these shoots? They’re mini shoots of 20 or 40 minutes (20 for 3 people or less; 40 for 3 or more people) to get a bunch of cute photos of the fam before the craziness of summer happens

Cost? $50/20 minutes; $100/40. These are significantly discounted from my usual portrait rate, and I can’t promise that I’ll do this kind of thing again

What do I get? You get a photo shoot with Heather for the time you choose, and a CD with either 5 (20 minute shoot) or 12 (40 minute shoot) edited high res images. I typically don’t sell the digital files, but, again, this is meant to be a quickie shoot, easy for everyone.

The details: Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your shoot to be ready to shoot at your allotted time. Since these are scheduled back-to-back, if you’re late, you’ll either lose out on some of your time or be asked to wait until the end to do the shoot. Outfit changes are not allowed due to time, but feel free to mix and match accessories (jacket on/jacket off). If you think your kid is going to freak getting his or her photo taken, please bring re-enforcements (snacks/bribes!)

*If you’re not free on Sunday, I will be doing my usual family shoots all summer, so you’re welcome to schedule one of those!*

Email Heather at Full payment is required to hold your spot, and that will be paid via paypal. Refunds aren’t available, because as soon as you book, I’ll turn down others for your spot.